Saturday, 29 September 2012

Talk Shows: A Great Way To Keep Up With All Things Publishing

The Naked Book. Host: Philip Jones
In my recent post titled, Let’s Have A Shindig, I wrote about a new platform called Shindig which was an online video chat platform for authors to interact with their readers/fans. Since then, I have come across publishing industry-related talk shows which share information about books, authors and publishing.
 One of such is the new initiative by Alan Goldsher called BOOK IT Using the same Shindig platform, the hour-long show brings us in contact with a range of guests that include authors, publishing professionals and more.

There is also The Naked Book a fortnightly show which is presented by Philip Jones (deputy editor of The Bookseller). The show is produced by Radio Lithopia (Litopia is an online community of writers ).

Both programmes are informative. They are a great way to keep instep with the growing changes in the industry. They are worth while tuning in, in spite of the time difference of the BOOK IT shows (based in USA). As for The Naked Book, the great thing I love about is that I can download the show, as Podcasts, from iTunes and listen as I'm going about my business (sorry, I'm biased as I have an auditory learning style :-) ).

Will keep you posted on more platforms for sharing all things book publishing.

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